Aura Pelvis Belt They are forced to tighten their stomach

Aura atatamehogushi Pelvisbelt

They are forced to tighten their stomach

It is not an exaggeration to say that a woman's style is determined by the pelvis. If the pelvis is distorted, or the muscles around the pelvis are not stiff, the blood flow of the lower body or inferior belly will change until the walking. By tightening the pelvis while warming the aura, the blood flow rises and flexibility is born to the muscle which becomes stiff, and can tighten the pelvis efficiently even by a weak force.

S: Waist 65 ~ 75cm Pelvic Circumference 80 ~ 90cm


About Aura Pelvis Belt

※ The return after wearing it is allowed to refuse for a sanitary product. Please understand it beforehand.

How to use

Please use it by attaching it to the low position of the lower abdomen and the base of the foot.


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