Aura Chikunetsu Fleece Lap Blanket The feeling of aura fiber in a soft pokapoca

Aura tikunetufleecelapbranket

The feeling of aura fiber in a soft pokapoca

A new touch that adds the softness, lightness, and immediate warmth of the fleece.
It has a pocket with a small hot water bottle and Cairo.

Size: 100×70cm


About Aura Chikunetsu Fleece Lap Blanket

※ We do not accept returns after use. Thank you for your understanding.

Warm up firmly with heat resistance effect

Electricity bill is 0 yen

It is hard to muffle even if it is warm.

Far infrared rays exert power

Natural antibacterial effect

There is a natural disinfection effect


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsSide: 100% polyester Medium cotton: 100% polyester (containing natural ore aura stone)

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