AA Cream Cream stuffed whole in the earth's Personal Food

AA cleam 20g

AA Cream

Cream stuffed whole in the earth's Personal Food

no dare to show vitality
The rich natural Mineral Food ingredients, which are included as raw materials, are designed to work on our mind and body in a delicate balance.
It becomes easy by applying a small amount in a hard place and a place where it is hard to move.


About AA Cream

From the point of view that life is a wave, it was made so that everyone can easily untie the twist.

Applying the cream will create a disturbed wave of the body, and it will evoke the vitality that the person has originally.

It has the potential to work not only on the level of the body, but also to the invisible body, Chakra.

Accessories: The product of this place comes with a dvd how to use [AA Cream].

Because how to use DVD sticks to the order after the second time, please let me know the effect at the time of the order if it is unnecessary.

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AA cleam 20g 2set

AA cleam 20g 2set

It is a set of two points deals.


How to use

If you use it slowly to the part where you are concerned about pain and discomfort without putting effort,

The sense of "twisting" will be easy to understand.

It's ok to paint your head when you say that one thing doesn't get out of your head.

Try it in many places and feel the change. The possibilities are endless.


Product TypeCosmetics
Country of manufactureMade in Japan
IngredientsWater, stearic acid, glycerin, maltitol, squalane, BG, mineral salt, boisenka extract, lulidisa seed oil, water-soluble collagen, hyaluronic acid Na, cetanol, glyceryl stearate, glycell acid hydroxide K, mg chloride, brown algae extract, red algae extract, hoei, honey, aloe extract, octane carrot extract, citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, bitter orange flower extract , Clara extract, phenoxyethanol, retinol palmitate, gold, bergamot essence oil, orange organic oil, lime essence oil, wood vinegar solution